As a researcher, I am in the question-asking business. I can tell you this from experience – Tamsen McMahon is the best kind of questioner. Her questions cut right to the heart of your sticking points, your motivations and, ultimately, your limiting beliefs in a very precise way. Everyone has a blind spot, and Tamsen has a knack for finding yours immediately. If you are like me, you don’t need “motivation,” you need clarity. When you find the exact path, the “right” path, you’ll be compelled to follow it. Tamsen’s keen intellect and ability to slice the Gordian knots in your thinking will help you identify your path faster, so you can just get on with it already!
Tom Webster, VP Strategy Edison Research | Enlightened Skeptic

Tamsen has had a profound effect on my life both professionally and personally. Always supportive and encouraging, she helps you discover and celebrate your strengths so you can stand out from the crowd — or simply be the best person you can be. Tamsen is the very definition of a counselor, working with you to determine the path you want to take and ensuring that you have the tools you need to succeed. Keenly aware of the challenges you may face she is always ready with an encouraging word, sage advice, or a new approach when an obsticle lands in your path. Through it all she inspires action rather than demanding it, and continues to be a valued and trusted mentor.
Jennifer Montfort, Communications Production Coordinator, Harvard Medical School | Board Member and Community Manager, Canter NE

What Tamsen has taught me is how to see the world and my actions within it as a giant experiment, which is a refreshing perspective for someone who is rather “type A” and a fairly black-and-white thinker. As someone who doesn’t like getting things “wrong,” Tamsen’s approach allows me to leverage the strengths I have, while making small adjustments to address my weaknesses. Rather than me just throwing up my hands in frustration because the life model I have built into my head over decades isn’t working, I have learned — through my work with Tamsen — to make the process work for me, not the other way around. By thinking about my actions, either within a personal or professional context, as a way to experiment until I find the right fit, my entire perspective on life has changed. It’s much more exciting, interesting and above all, manageable. She helped me to see that I have a strong framework, and that as things come along, like managing my eating, advancing in my profession, bringing an idea to fruition, I can make all of those things work for me in the way that works best for me. It’s the flexibility that she’s taught me that allows me to stay the course even when I don’t want to and figure out how to incorporate a little more gray into my life.
Lisa Cawley, Talent & Organizational Performance Consultant, Accenture

You only know if you’re lost when you know where you want to go. So many people in life don’t even have a destination, much less a map, guide, or route to the personal and professional success that they crave. Tamsen can help you find your way as a sort of personal cartographer, helping you figure out where you’re going, what map you’ll need, and how to get to success. If you’re struggling to know where to go, ask Tamsen as a sort of career GPS!
Christopher S. Penn, Vice President of Strategy and Innovation, Blue Sky Factory | Ninja

First of all, Tamsen has a zeal for life that instantly energizes you when you sit across from her. She embodies that you control what you do next – and that this idea is exciting, rather than daunting.

Each time I consider taking a new course in my career (there have been a number now!), Tamsen is one of the first people I call on to help me evaluate the situation. Tamsen is pragmatic, but optimistic. She has a way of pushing you through your own humility so you can identify, feel proud of and embrace your strengths.

I think of Tamsen as my ‘cheering section’ and perhaps this is because she has effortlessly helped me to cheer myselfon. For me, this is invaluable. Working with Tamsen has helped me pursue calculated risks. Whether my next big idea comes to fruition or I find myself back at the drawing board, she has helped me realize that it is never too late to re-evaluate my strengths and head in a new direction.
Toni Pullman, Assistant Women’s Swimming Coach, Yale University

Maps are only as good as the cartographers who draw them. Tamsen is a cartographer, but not in the traditional sense of the word. She’s a personal cartographer, with unique skills to help people navigate intentionally through their professional and personal lives. Tamsen’s disarming personality helps her clients talk about a subject that is frequently intimidating…themselves. Then she listens, asks questions; and finally, she assesses. By the time she’s done, Tamsen has uncovered a picture of who they are (even if they don’t yet know it themselves), where they need to be, and has highlighted a route of customized destinations that are challenging, rewarding, and ultimately fulfilling.
Ron Ploof, Author, Read This First: The Executive’s Guide to New Media — from Blogs to Social Networks

Tamsen challenged me to move beyond my own bias and quantify both the financial and nonfinancial incentives in a potential career shift.  By considering the hidden possibilities, I was able to choose the most advantageous opportunity for me.  Without her guidance, I don’t think I would have been able to see the entire landscape or the entire me!

Tamsen asks, “Why?” a lot, which means that time spent with her can be both emotionally and intellectually exhausting. When I was facing an emotionally charged decision that would change my family’s and my life, it was Tamsen who forced me to test possible alternatives. She asked me questions that elicited answers that contradicted by world paradigm.  It’s not easy to make changes, but I feel with Tamsen’s help I made a better, more informed choice.
Tiffany Phelps, Fundraising Consultant

I attended a business retreat led by Tamsen, and it was a powerful experience.  She listened carefully to everyone in the room and helped each person identify their strengths and areas where they wanted to improve, and then helped each person map out a road to achieve those goals.  Her insight helped people get to know each other better, and as a group, learn how we could function to help everyone meet their goals, bringing our community closer together as a result.
Whitney Hoffman, Attorney | Writer | Director of Operations, Podcamp Foundation | Digital Media Consultant

When you work with Tamsen, you get the benefit of straightforward, honest advice that WILL move you forward.  She spends time learning about who you are and how you operate in order to guide you to what you need.  She will be your partner as you push to get past that brick wall that you keep banging your head against.  If you need help figuring out how to achieve the accomplishments that are important to you, hire Tamsen.
Chel Wolverton, Lead Organizer, PodCamp Boston | Personal Productivity Amplifier | Saver of Sanity

Tamsen has the unique ability to clearly and accurately see the forest for the trees in a another’s personal or professional life. She helped me organize and synthesize my thoughts, ideas, talents, and goals in such a way that I felt energized and empowered. She shows you how to connect the dots of who you are and what you want, and provides practical tools to get you there. You’ll have a lot of “a-ha” moments working with Tamsen!
Tiffany Webber, Professor, Parsons The New School for Design | Proprietress, Northcutt, Auntees, and Collective