Tag: questions

28 Mar

The Mind’s Eye

The mind makes its own scrapbook.
23 Mar

The More You Know

In the absence of knowledge, we tend to ask a lot of questions, we create a lot of noise in our heads.
18 Mar

Three questions

Success in life comes down to how well you ask, and answer three questions.
08 Mar

The Monsters in Our Maps

It’s what’s not on our mental maps — the realities we haven’t planned for, or refuse to see — that get in the way of our goals.
01 Mar

Waiting for Superman

I have a couple of policies: 1. No regrets and 2. Direct answers to direct questions. Sometimes they run in conflict, those two.
04 Jan

Contribute or Complicate?

Chris Brogan wrote a great post on using questions to stay on target. Here’s one I use all the time: Will this (whatever it is) contribute to, or complicate, my goals? Yes, that’s very close to Dr. Phil’s “contribute or contaminate” dichotomy, but I don’t like the implied judgment of that. It’s already too easy for [...]
02 Dec

Defining A Question, Not THE Question

This is easier than you think. Last week I wrote that the first step in figuring out how to get started in social media was to “Define the Question.” It’s a big thing for me—I’ve written here before on the importance of understanding why you’re doing what you’re doing. But it’s apparently a big thing for you, [...]