Tag: judgment

30 Aug

The Tyranny of Should

There’s a tyrant in your life, six letters long. It oppresses you, controls you — and you give it power constantly.
04 Aug

The Fallacy of Authenticity

Authenticity is a state. Whatever you are, you are. Whether angel or asshole, you are authentically that.
14 Apr

Entering the Witness State

Sometimes we need to just be, to bear witness as thoughts slip in and out of our heads. Sometimes we need to just feel, and be still.
10 Mar

Finding the Third Place

People need a “third place” — a place that isn’t home, or work. Someplace else. Different. Apart.
19 Apr

Who Are We to Judge?

Juror #3. When you walk in for jury duty and they hand you #3, you know you’re in for it, whether or not you’re eight and half months pregnant. But there I was. Juror #3. I’ve spent much of my adult life working to remove judgment from my outlook. I’ve had to. You don’t spend [...]
29 Mar

What Do You Expect?

Ah,¬†expectations. We have them. We set them. We manage them. But they’re really just little time bombs of judgment, ticking away, waiting to explode. You can’t “set” others expectations (though we try to all the time). People set their own expectations.¬†Nor can you manage others’ expectations, even if they try to convince you that it’s [...]