Tag: change

01 Jan

Three words for 2013

Grace. Ground. Grow.
16 Mar

How’s it going to end?

You never think when something begins — a moment, a marriage, a life — that it will end. Not really. Why would you?
29 Mar

To Thine Own Self

It’s easy to deceive. We all know that. But what we don’t realize is that, often, the easiest person to deceive is ourselves.
26 Mar


All we can ever have are the frameworks we use to help us assess and understand ourselves, other people, and the patterns that exist amongst them all… and the knowledge that life will find a way to blow them up, each in turn.
17 Mar

The Roads Not Taken

It’s at the forks that we get lost. It’s at the forks we realize every choice has a price, that the price of where you’re going includes the cost of where you’ll never be. Or of what you’ll lose along the way.