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25 Aug

You’re Wasting Your Story, Part 2

You have a great story. I know you do. And yesterday I told you you’re wasting it by telling the story you want to hear. But you may be wasting your stories another way—by telling a story that’s already over. The thing about good stories is you can see yourself in them. You want to see how they [...]
24 Aug

You’re Wasting Your Story, Part 1

The key to great branding and marketing? Tell a great story. But you’re wasting it. How? Well, for one, you’re telling your story the way you want to hear it. My preferred reading falls into two categories: treatises on group and personal behavior…and Regency-era romance novels. It’s veryhard to get me to pick up a book that doesn’t fall into [...]
16 Jun

Be authentic! Be, be authentic!

Lately it seems that everyone’s cheerleading about authenticity. The social media-driven realization that, “Hey! We’re all people after all!” has meant that capital-a Authenticity is, at least for now, a highly desired brand attribute. But the whole construct of “be authentic” seems oxymoronic to me: You are what you are; you can’t be otherwise. If [...]