Category: Perspective

10 Mar

Finding the Third Place

People need a “third place” — a place that isn’t home, or work. Someplace else. Different. Apart.
03 Oct

Twisted Sisters

I’m a woman, yes, but hopefully that’s self-evident. I don’t choose to label myself a woman, I prefer just to be one.
10 Aug

It Ain’t About Authenticity, People.

Authenticity. You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means. In fact, I’m pretty sure a lot of us are confusing authenticity with integrity. Or even if we’re not, we’re putting the emphasis on the wrong quality. Authenticity is about being real. But real-ness isn’t the issue. When we’re [...]
04 Jun

Lessons in Control

A wise friend reminded me recently that the universe has a way of making sure you learn the lessons it wants to teach you. Two years ago, I had a baby. He was breech, which meant I had to have a c-section (I had wanted to have a hypnobirth). He didn’t gain weight, so I had to [...]
19 Apr

Who Are We to Judge?

Juror #3. When you walk in for jury duty and they hand you #3, you know you’re in for it, whether or not you’re eight and half months pregnant. But there I was. Juror #3. I’ve spent much of my adult life working to remove judgment from my outlook. I’ve had to. You don’t spend [...]