Category: Mindset

04 Aug

The Fallacy of Authenticity

Authenticity is a state. Whatever you are, you are. Whether angel or asshole, you are authentically that.
26 Mar


All we can ever have are the frameworks we use to help us assess and understand ourselves, other people, and the patterns that exist amongst them all… and the knowledge that life will find a way to blow them up, each in turn.
18 Mar

Three questions

Success in life comes down to how well you ask, and answer three questions.
01 Mar

Waiting for Superman

I have a couple of policies: 1. No regrets and 2. Direct answers to direct questions. Sometimes they run in conflict, those two.
22 Jul


“I’m better now.” That’s what my two-year-old says, clutching his Ghost Frog (there on the far right…), after a spill, or a tantrum, or a kiss for real and imagined wounds. It struck me the other day, when he said it, that that’s how I want to be able to answer the question, “How are you doing?” [...]
29 Mar

What Do You Expect?

Ah, expectations. We have them. We set them. We manage them. But they’re really just little time bombs of judgment, ticking away, waiting to explode. You can’t “set” others expectations (though we try to all the time). People set their own expectations. Nor can you manage others’ expectations, even if they try to convince you that it’s [...]
02 Dec

Why, Not What

Most of us focus on what we want, not why. But the why is everything. Here’s the thing: success is contextual, but we make it absolute. We make it about money. Or fame. Or follower counts. But when we focus only on what we (think we) want, we turn success into a very narrowly defined thing, one [...]