Category: Change

22 Mar

Are you asking for my advice?

The thing about advice is that the “right” thing to help someone isn’t the right thing unless it’s right for that particular person at that particular time.
30 Aug

The Tyranny of Should

There’s a tyrant in your life, six letters long. It oppresses you, controls you — and you give it power constantly.
11 Apr

Me, Myself, and I

One of the curious things about our brains is how conflicting thoughts, and conflicting feelings, can coexist. Sometimes peacefully, sometimes not.
17 Mar

The Roads Not Taken

It’s at the forks that we get lost. It’s at the forks we realize every choice has a price, that the price of where you’re going includes the cost of where you’ll never be. Or of what you’ll lose along the way.
16 Mar

Change? It’s in the Wind.

Change is a process, one governed by a tradeoff between time and energy. Yes, they work together, but in many ways they act as point / counterpoint.
20 Oct

Standards and Practices

To get someone to produce something to your standards, they have to produce something to their standards first. Once they’ve done that, then they’re in a position to see the difference between what they’ve done and what you want them to do.
09 Sep

Fables of the Deconstruction

The method by which you’re trying to do something can have a huge amount to do with whether that change happens at all.
02 Feb

The Secret to Lasting Change

You want to make a change. Maybe you need to. You tell yourself that over and over again. But, neither of those will make it happen. No, the answer to making change happen lies between the two: in what you’re willing to do. Think about it. Just needing to make a change rarely makes us act. We wait to be [...]