Author: Tamsen

17 Apr

My marathon

I guess that’s what I’m left with: we all, every one of us, can only run as far and as well as we can in the time we have. Every step is precious. Every minute is. Every breath.
01 Jan

Three words for 2013

Grace. Ground. Grow.
22 Mar

Are you asking for my advice?

The thing about advice is that the “right” thing to help someone isn’t the right thing unless it’s right for that particular person at that particular time.
16 Mar

How’s it going to end?

You never think when something begins — a moment, a marriage, a life — that it will end. Not really. Why would you?
30 Aug

The Tyranny of Should

There’s a tyrant in your life, six letters long. It oppresses you, controls you — and you give it power constantly.
04 Aug

The Fallacy of Authenticity

Authenticity is a state. Whatever you are, you are. Whether angel or asshole, you are authentically that.
14 Apr

Entering the Witness State

Sometimes we need to just be, to bear witness as thoughts slip in and out of our heads. Sometimes we need to just feel, and be still.
11 Apr

Me, Myself, and I

One of the curious things about our brains is how conflicting thoughts, and conflicting feelings, can coexist. Sometimes peacefully, sometimes not.
03 Apr

Clearing Traffic

Whatever you give attention to grows stronger. But when all you can hear is the noise from all that traffic in your head, it’s impossible to focus, move forward, fulfill. It’s impossible to focus on what you really want — need — to pay attention to.
29 Mar

To Thine Own Self

It’s easy to deceive. We all know that. But what we don’t realize is that, often, the easiest person to deceive is ourselves.