03 Apr

Clearing Traffic

Our heads are noisy places. Things we want to do. Things we want to remember. Things we don’t want to forget

People. Concepts. Memories. Everything’s competing for space, but our mental road is only so wide.

On that road is a constant interchange of ideas, of information, of experience — with our brains driving constantly to make sense of it all. We try, usually, to keep too much, which means we lose things. Things get backed up, and we miss a few exits.

And then added to the noise is worry about all the things we’ve lost.

Whatever you give attention to grows stronger. But when all you can hear is the noise from all that traffic in your head, it’s impossible to focus, move forward, fulfill. It’s impossible to focus on what you really want — need — to pay attention to.

In essence, focus comes from reducing all that background noise. It means moving from looking at everything all at once to one thing, completely, and with full attention. And to do that we have to get everything else off the road. Out of our heads.

So get it out. Talk it out. Write it out. Work it out. But get it off your mental highway long before you crash.

Image: Johan_Leiden


  • http://www.ChristopherSPenn.com Christopher S. Penn

    The converse, a favorite quote from pop musician Jewel, sits in the pantheon of timeless advice for me: no longer lend your strength to that which you wish to be free from.

  • http://www.intellectualventilation.com Wizdumb

    Clearing the traffic from one’s head can be an extremely difficult task. I guess some people have so much on their minds because of life problems. It is so hard to gain focus when there are preoccupations about jobs, relationships, finances, etc… I personally have to meditate so that I can regain focus; I’m a Yogi. Just a few moments of stillness is enough for me to find mental clarity.

  • http://www.intellectualventilation.com Wizdumb

    Thanks for the motivation!

  • Anonymous

    I feel like a giant parabolic antenna with a faulty “off” switch. Some just call it ADHD, but like your article distraction from the noise can cause a crash.