28 Mar

The Mind’s Eye

The mind makes its own scrapbook.

The pictures it stores away, the words it glues down, the sounds it uses to turn the pages… unexpected details stand out from the blur of memory.

I wonder how it chooses?

How we do?

Why this, and not that? Why here, and not there?

And how is that haphazard collection still so perfect? So true?

It’s curious.
And wonderful.

Image: Kasaa
  • Alice

    This has been something I’ve been thinking about for quite some time. These internal scrapbook memories aren’t necessarily significant or important; they just are. Why do I remember certain snippets and not others? What do they say about me? How have they shaped me?

    Last week I met several high school classmates for lunch (we’re a bunch of oldsters), and each of us clearly recalled small, and probably quite meaningless to others, vignettes from those far away days. These memories for the most part did not overlap, much less coincide. But our own recollections were sharp and clear. By all our puzzled expressions, it was obvious that no one had solved the question of why we remembered what we did. We just did.

    Yes, it’s curious and wonderful.

  • Tamsen

    I think that’s one of the things I like to do most: find out, from those with whom we’ve shared experiences, how our recollections align and differ.

    Sometimes it’s amazing that we’re all talking about the same event… and yet sometimes, it’s like we could have all written the exact same story.