18 Mar

Three questions

I think success in life comes down to how well you ask, and answer, three questions:

1. Why? Why is this happening? Why am I doing this? Why are they? Why am I reacting this way? Why are they? Why don’t I understand? Why don’t they?

2. Does it work? Will it work? Is the reaction what I expect? Is this happening the way I thought it would?

(Why? Why not?)

3. Now what? What needs to happen next? What will happen next? What might happen next? How can I change it? How can I make it better?

(Will it work?)
(Why? Why not?)

(Now what?)


  • http://www.tommartin.typepad.com tom martin

    Love this — price of where you’re going includes the cost of where you’ll never be.

    Damn smart and insightful…