02 Feb

The Secret to Lasting Change

You want to make a change. Maybe you need to. You tell yourself that over and over again.

But, neither of those will make it happen. No, the answer to making change happen lies between the two: in what you’re willing to do.

Think about it. Just needing to make a change rarely makes us act. We wait to be motivated. We wait to want to. But wanting to make a change isn’t enough, either. We’re hard-wired to want things to stay the same…and so we find ways to want the status quo more.

I think the magic word for change isn’t “need” or “want,” it’s “willing.” Am I willing to do what’s needed to make change happen?

“Am I willing to?” already assumes you want to make the change you need to make–it takes wanting out of the equation. What it inserts instead is a reality check on just how much change you’re capable of taking on at the moment. If the answer is “yes,” then it’s hard not to act (you’re willing to, after all…). If the answer is “no,” it gives you a chance to figure out what you are willing to do instead. And that’s the the first step to lasting change.

Because mere change isn’t the goal. Sustainable change is.

What do you think? Are you willing to try?