30 Jan

Name Your Price

I have a question for you:

What are you trying to get?

A break?
A job?
A book deal?
A feeling of control?
Of power?
Of peace?
More money?
More love?
More fame?

Okay. Another one:

What are you willing to pay?

A friendship?
A relationship?
A mate?
A night away from home?
A week?
A year?
What about your comfort?
Your name?
Your soul?

They’re going to say it. They’re going to say — at some point — that you’ve sold out. Your defense? (Your only one, really.) Name your price.

But more importantly?
Name it in the beginning. Otherwise?  You may find yourself bankrupt… in more ways than one.

We each have our price.

The question is, what’s yours?

Do you know?

Image credit: Jeremy Brooks