Monthly Archives: August 2009

25 Aug

You’re Wasting Your Story, Part 2

You have a great story. I know you do. And yesterday I told you you’re wasting it by telling the story you want to hear. But you may be wasting your stories another way—by telling a story that’s already over. The thing about good stories is you can see yourself in them. You want to see how they [...]
24 Aug

You’re Wasting Your Story, Part 1

The key to great branding and marketing? Tell a great story. But you’re wasting it. How? Well, for one, you’re telling your story the way you want to hear it. My preferred reading falls into two categories: treatises on group and personal behavior…and Regency-era romance novels. It’s veryhard to get me to pick up a book that doesn’t fall into [...]
13 Aug

How to Grow Ideas

I was thoroughly taken with a post Chris Brogan put up on his blog today about seeds in a wild garden—about having and sharing ideas and watching them grow. But how do you grow ideas? What do you need? Here’s my take, which I posted there…. To be an excellent “sower of seeds” you need certain things—or [...]
12 Aug

Three Keys to Success — No Matter Who, or What, You Are

Success comes down to three things: ability, attitude, and access. Ever since the PodCamp Boston 4 un-conference this past weekend, there’s been a lot of discussion kicking around about how to be successful in social media—and what role gender may or may not play in that. Chris Penn‘s response that day, and afterward, was to “be awesome.” But [...]